Press Release- 21st April 2018

GPs express serious concerns for over 12 week proposal

A group of doctors, nurses and midwives met in Dublin earlier today to dis-cuss their concerns about the Government’s referendum proposal for abor-tion on abortion.
Over 100 doctors (mainly GPs) attended the meeting.

Commenting after the meeting, Dr. Andrew O’Regan said:
“The Government’s proposal for abortion would enforce the provision of abor-tion services on local GP surgeries even though the Government knows that the proposal they have put forward has nothing to do with healthcare. The proposal would introduce unrestricted abortion in the 1st three months of pregnancy for any reason whatsoever.
“At our meeting today, over 100 doctors expressed alarm at what the Gov-ernment is proposing. Further concern was expressed at the fact that the first GPs heard about this proposal was on the news as the Minister didn’t con-sult with them at all.”

He concluded:
“As GPs and other healthcare workers, we feel that the public are entitled to know that the Government’s proposal has nothing to do with healthcare, and everything to do with introducing abortion on demand into Ireland.”


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